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The gunas (Sanskrit for strands or qualities) are energetic forces that weave together to form the universe and everything in it. There are three Gunas, each with its own unique attributes: tamas (stability), rajas (activity), and sattva (consciousness).


THE MISSION OF TRIGUNA OVERSEAS IS TO contribute ever more to enhancing global trade


Our aim is to achieve improved living standards and global economic growth through trade and business across borders.

TRIGUNA OVERSEAS is working in the merchant import and export sectors in India Though we have no limitations on what we trade, our primary goal is to bring all Indian specialties to the international market. India has long been known for its specialties such as spices, organic jaggery, and other agricultural products, among other things. All of them will be available to our international customers.


We are committed to providing the best and most timely services to our customers and suppliers, as well as transparency in transactions.

Indian Spices
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